What is Strabismus or Squint Surgery?

Strabismus, commonly referred to as squint, or crossed eyes, is a condition where both eyes do not focus on an object together and appear as if the eyes are looking in different directions. Strabismus surgery is a procedure that involves correction of the visual axes of the eyes, to make both the eyes focus parallel on an object (binocular vision).

Procedure of Strabismus/ Squint Surgery

Strabismus or squint surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. It is designed to increase or decrease the tension of the muscles outside the eye. During the procedure, your surgeon uses an instrument to hold the eyelids open. A small incision is made on the conjunctiva (a membrane that covers the inner surface of the eyelid and the white part of the eyeball) to access the eye muscles. The correction of alignment may be performed by one of two procedures:

Recession procedure: If the eye muscle is strong, the affected outside muscle is detached from the eye and reattached farther back on the eye to relatively weakening the strength of the muscle. If the eye muscle is weak, the strength of the opposing muscle is reduced.

Resection procedure: A small portion of the weak eye muscle is removed and the eye muscle is reattached to the eyeball at the original insertion site to correct the misalignment.

The surgery is considered safe and effective with no major complications. Although complications are rare, risks include misalignment, bleeding, and infection. You may experience some eye discomfort for a few days and redness which resolves in a few weeks.

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Ask Your Doctor

Is strabismus surgery worth it?

Strabismus surgery can be worth it for individuals with misaligned eyes to correct the alignment and improve binocular vision. It can lead to improved appearance, better depth perception, and enhanced quality of life.

What is the success rate of strabismus surgery?

The success rate of strabismus surgery varies based on factors such as the type and severity of the misalignment, the patient's age, and their overall eye health. Generally, strabismus surgery has a high success rate, with many patients experiencing improved eye alignment and binocular vision.

What is the best age for strabismus surgery?

The optimal age for strabismus surgery depends on individual factors. Pediatric patients often undergo surgery between 6 months and 2 years of age to correct misalignments and prevent vision development issues. However, strabismus surgery can be performed at any age, with successful outcomes seen in both children and adults.

Can strabismus get worse with age?

Yes, strabismus can sometimes worsen with age if left untreated. While some cases remain stable, others might experience increased misalignment due to various factors like changes in vision, muscle control, or underlying health conditions. Early intervention, including strabismus surgery if necessary, can help prevent the condition from worsening.

How long is strabismus surgery and its recovery time?

The duration of strabismus surgery typically ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the case. Recovery time varies, with most patients returning home the same day. Initial recovery usually takes a few days, during which mild discomfort and temporary double vision might occur. Complete recovery can take several weeks, with follow-up appointments to monitor progress.

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