Eyelid reconstructive surgery is yet another branch of plastic eye surgery that is concerned specifically with the eyelids and is not considered cosmetic in nature. Although the eyelids look simple and seem to perform a simple function they are in fact highly complex and specialized structures and are extremely important to the overall health and protection of the eyes. Eyelid disorders or deformities can cause serious repercussions to eye health even leading to permanent damage to the eyes which in turn may lead to vision loss. Therefore procedures to resolve these conditions are not considered cosmetic in nature. Below are some of the conditions that would need eyelid reconstructive surgery:


Ectropion and Entropion refer to eyelid malpositioning. Ectropian refers to an abnormal outward turning of the eyelid, while Entropion refers to the abnormal turning inward of the eyelid. These abnormal eyelid positions can be caused by several different conditions but usually it is age related and usually lead to irritation, tearing, pain, and chronic discharge. The objective of the eyelid reconstructive surgery is to return the eyelid to its normal position.


A chalazion is basically a stye that occurs on the eyelid and is caused by a blockage of the glands within the eyelid. When the glands are blocked it causes swelling, redness, irritation, and pain. Most eyelid styes resolve on their own within the first few days, but sometimes they need to be surgically incised and drained, especially when the stye is if a larger size. A history of injectable cosmetic treatments can often complicate the result of this procedure so it is important for your oculoplastic surgeon to be aware of any previous injectable cosmetic treatment you may have had.

Bell’s Palsy - Facial Paralysis

Bell’s palsy is a temporary or permanent weakness or paralysis of the facial nerve. The affected nerve will lead to weakness on one side of the face and may affect the eyelid as well depending on the severity of the weakness. In these cases the blinking, closing, or tearing mechanisms of the eyelids can be affected, where an individual is unable to close the eyelids (lagophthalmos), turning out of the lower eyelid as mentioned above (ectropion), or unable to pump the tears normally resulting in excessive tearing, redness and irritation. At the Orbit Eye Center we offer surgical and non-surgical techniques to protect the eye and provide symptomatic relief in addition to functional improvement.

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