What is Orthoptist Testing?

Orthoptist tests are diagnostic tests performed to assess certain conditions like a squint, lazy eye, double vision, eye movement disorders, cataract, glaucoma, refractive errors, vision disabilities caused due to neurological disorders and diabetic eye diseases. The tests assess vision, eye alignment, eye movement, and binocular vision.

Some of the common tests include:

  • Visual acuity level: Vision in your left and right eye is tested.
  • Eye movements: In this test, the movement of your eyes is assessed in 9 different gaze positions.
  • Sensory and motor status: This test is performed to check how information is taken in from both the eyes across a range of obstacles and combined to produce an image.
  • Cover test: This is used for identifying squint or misalignment of the eye.
  • Stereopsis tests: The test measures your ability to perceive depth and 3D vision.

The results of the tests will determine treatments such as orthoptic exercises, eye surgery and optical devices like lenses or spectacles.

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Ask Your Doctor

What conditions do orthoptists treat?

Orthoptists diagnose and treat vision problems related to eye alignment, coordination, and muscle function. They commonly address conditions such as strabismus (misaligned eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), and binocular vision disorders.

What is the difference between an orthoptist and a vision therapist?

An orthoptist diagnoses and treats issues related to eye alignment, coordination, and muscle function. On the other hand, a vision therapist focuses on implementing vision therapy exercises and treatments to improve visual skills and comfort.

What are 3 warning signs of visual problems?

Three warning signs of potential visual problems include persistent headaches, eye strain or discomfort, and difficulty focusing on near or distant objects.

Can adults benefit from orthoptist care, or is it primarily for children?

Adults can indeed benefit from orthoptist care, which is not limited to children. Orthoptic care is commonly associated with pediatric eye conditions like strabismus and amblyopia, adults seeking assistance with binocular vision problems, eye muscle imbalances, and other visual challenges can also benefit from the expertise of orthoptists.

What should I expect during an orthoptist appointment?

During an orthoptist appointment, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation of your eye alignment, coordination, and muscle function. The orthoptist will perform various tests to assess your binocular vision, depth perception, and eye movement abilities.

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