Tips for keeping our children’s eyes healthy

Our children’s eyes are their most precious organ. In order to keep their eyes healthy and illness-free to communicate with them perfectly, we have tips from Dr. Walid Abdalla, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dubai Healthcare City, Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow, UK, Fellow of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, USA, Fellow of Limoges University, France, and Fellow of International Council of Ophthalmology.

14 types of strabismus and vision screening for Children

There is nothing more important and more beautiful in the human body than the eye and no one can do without it. Allah has gifted humans with the eye to perceive the world around them and to create their own future. Though, there are some diseases that concern people and make them fear for the safety of this essential sense, one of these diseases is the Strabismus (Squint).

My son is 9 years old and always rubs his eyes

Due to the hot climate in our region, Vernal conjunctivitis spreads as a results of exposure to harmful sunlight. Vernal conjunctivitis' symptoms appear through the colored/ unclear sclera (white of the eyes). That's why it is recommended to use sunglasses, wash eyes with cold water, and non-use of common tools that transmit infection among children

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is safe, drug-free and effective for both children and adults. While visual acuity (the "20/20" part of vision) requires glasses to improve, visual skills such as tracking together along a line of text must be learned during development, these skills can also be improved later in life at any age.

Myopia Clinic

Myopia (nearsightedness) is an eye condition caused by excess growth and stretching at the back of the eye. Conventional eyeglasses and contact lenses can correct blurriness, yet do not treat the progressive nature of Myopia. The higher the Myopia, the longer the eye and therefore increased risk for complications that may cause serious irreversible vision loss.

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